About Us

Hi there,

We’re the Peaks. We are travelling around the world for 14 months to witness stories. Dusty collections, insightful wrinkles, humorous meals, stormy skies, mischievous laughter, freeing tears, gangly critters, omniscient stones, affecting art, neighborly strangers, and animated creation.

All of these things we will witness through the lens of our head, heart, stomach, culture, intentions, and camera. Through the first and essential foundation of respectful listening, we desire to co-create with individuals films about their personal stories. We believe that the process of filmmaking and sharing reawakens people’s energies and imagination. Our hope is that our ears and cameras act as a witness to each individual to acknowledge every human’s innate value.

This journey is made possible by the generous Michael B. Keegan Traveling Fellowship from Vanderbilt University. Thank you, and we will learn how to say that from every new language we encounter.