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September 21-26: Montreal, Canada

September 26-30: New York City, NY

October 1-6: Lisbon, Portugal

October 7-10: Paris, France

October 11-13: Aix en Provence, France

October 14-17: Moncioni, Italy

October 17-20: Florence, Italy

October 21-15: Siena, Italy

October 26: Milan, Italy

October 27-31: Santorini, Greece

November 1-3: Athens, Greece

November 4-8: Meteora, Greece

November 9-10: Mt. Olympus, Greece

November 11: Thessaloniki, Greece

November 12-13: Blagovegrad, Bulgaria

November 14-19: Bansko, Bulgaria

November 20-23: Sofia, Bulgaria

November 23: Istanbul, Turkey

December: Up in the Air Right now, Lebanon, Israel

December 29: Johannesburg, South Africa


January: South Africa

February: Rwanda, Uganda

March: Ethiopia

April: United Arab Emirates, India

May: Nepal, Bhutan

June: Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia

July: Indonesia

August: China, Japan

September: Australia, New Zealand

October: Colombia, Brazil

November: Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay

December: Nashville, TN and Birmingham, AL



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